Social Media


The new cornerstone of any brand’s digital presence, Social Media has come to reflect the narrative, voice and soul of any brand. We devise the perfect online narrative for your brand by combining strategy, design and relevant, quality content. And in line with our own brand’s philosophy, we aim to build up your Social Media to be a tool off community creation rather than just another marketing channel.

As your communication partner, we act as an extension of your company to better represent your Brand Thought in your regular communications – what you end up receiving from us is a refined and customised strategy, best suited to build your brand up as a purveyor of your audience-community’s content needs.

Besides maintaining the ebb and flow your online audiences we also run targeted campaigns that help your brand make itself heard! We’re also more than happy to devise a strategy that aligns with your Marketing needs and plans, be it online or offline.



While we are particularly proud of our designing capabilities, we’re even prouder of our Design Thinking capabilities, which we incorporate when visualising an identity for your brand. From creating a semblance of elements at the stage of ideation to testing the concept, we take a purpose-loaded approach to your brand’s needs and visions.

At a time of flexible, transcendental identities underpinned by an ever-dynamic market, we create a front for your brand that isn’t just wary of trends but is also tenaciously re-collectible. Having worked with clients across the board we are accomplished to set the perfect design language for your brand to give it recall value and authority it deserves.

Our branding services are an end-to-end answer to your identity requirements, including naming, logo creation, collateral design, social identity and packaging.



The Interwebs (‘the Internet’ according to some) are flooded with content in formats that are changing as quickly as we change our pick for our favourite cat video. During our time in the market we have very sincerely learnt to learn, especially when it comes to creating content that audiences want to see, hear and experience!

We have learnt that as long as content is king, retouching, correction, manipulation and editing will stand at the fore of preliminary creative requirements and that is why we have never held back when it comes to creative capability. So if you’re brand wants to achieve tangible topicality, allow us to cut, splice and stitch your brand into the epic sensory experience that it should be.

Content Development


To you, you’re only as good as what you know and to the world you’re only as good as what you say. The content that you present to the world, the words that you stand by, therefore becomes the very fabric of your brand’s personality. As the content you create and the entire shebang of online content starts ballooning (which it will) you may find yourself requiring the minds and fingers to match the world’s pace along without compromising on representative quality, and that’s where we come in.

Our team of dedicated writers, with experience in both short and long-form copy, do research, curate and create content for your brand’s needs. Websites, blogs, whitepapers and back-end CMS system management are just some of the content needs that we have dealt with and we’re happy to take on whatever you throw at us.

Google Marketing


The Interwebs are an unusual place – although a quasi-democracy, certain tools and tactics lend you special authority, or at least the appearance of it. Fact of the matter is, a higher ground exists, and it is achieved by those who have an eye for detail and believe in robust ideas. SEO, SEM, GDN, AdWords and some more tools that Google has generously put at our disposal allow us an agency give your brand that extra sheen in a crowded place.

Our expertise sets your Brand up not just first-page treatment but also organic support by leveraging Social Media and traffic generation.

Website Development


A website is not just your brand’s most important marketing asset but also your most versatile marketing asset – a website is really a scale model of your entire brand. You need to look good, sound right, be up-to-date and also be different if you want your website to stand out and to help you achieve this we take our finest designing abilities and merge them with the latest know-how of website technology. From wordpressone-pagers to super-dynamic full-screeners, we really do help stretch your Brand’s imagination.



It isn’t enough for your brand to be seen and heard, it must be experienced and it must be experienced to perfectly reflect the surreal image that you once conceived of your brand once. Through bespoke design which intelligently captures the actionability of your brand and we create a fluid digital environment for your users to navigate through and discover who you really are.

Our process is a holistic end-to-end exercise in touching all-important facets of not just design usability but also interaction. Beginning with research and mood boarding we create the bedrock for your website or app’s look and feel. Eventually, after wireframing, sketching and testing we build a great-looking and even greater-feeling asset for your brand.



‘Media may come and media may go but Print goes on forever’ – Just about everyone in Indian Media. Your brand may build digital skyscrapers and media monuments, but it also must trudge through the humble halls of the printing room. At Blue Vector, we have dealt with print from day 1 and expect to do so for a time to come.

Be it pamphlets, book covers, posters or jacket-ads in leading dailies, we have had the opportunity to design on every possible rendition of paper. And as counter-intuitive Print as a service may be to an agency which dreams of digital, we do believe that rich traditional media will always be at some supporting end of communications.