Woobly is an upcoming intelligent platform for discovery, and booking of hangout experiences. A unique endeavor in the app space, Woobly was born out of the quest to create simplified solutions through which people could lookout for a setting they’d prefer at that point and time.


We began by creating a persona for Woobly that pertained determining their vision, mission, values and overall tonality. As we delved deeper into the project and their business, we got to design their logo, even incorporating expressionism through iconography.



Our strapline was ‘Smarter Hangout Experiences’ keeping in mind the fruitful ride and the myriad of options the brand had to offer. Our scope ranged from branding in terms of strategy and communication, building hangout kit collaterals, illustrations and UI design.


A truly iconic venture, Woobly is a haven of choices and their distinctiveness was portrayed by Blue Vector through disruptive design and a contemporary approach. This helped us create an identity for a community marketplace today that offers the possibility to explore and transact swiftly. Our role in this journey has paid off to make the brand less of an enigma and more of an unearthed treasure.

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