‘I Am Animal’ a platform for creatives to come together, is an allegory of how aligning towards causes related to sustainability can contribute to a larger narrative of goodness and positivity. Blue Vector’s internal ethos for creating work which allows a natural, productive synergy, came alive in this project, where we were commissioned as creative custodians, and for video production.


For the brand ‘Unleash’, this music video was the first major piece of social-awareness created to draw compassion towards all animals alike. Sung by musician, activist and entrepreneur Kunal Avanti, I Am Animal brings together well- known celebrities and activists from around the world including Jacqueline Fernandez, John Abraham, Ayesha Takia, James Aspey, Joey Carbstrong, Anushka Manchanda and Earthling Ed for a convincing message of harmony and kindness that is inherent to humanity and is simply in the need of a nudge. With unwavering support from PETA, the music video stands in a credible position to act as foundation for a global anthem related to a relevant cause in a newly-emerging paradigm of sustainability.

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