Drunken Botanist


The Drunken Botanist, a restaurant, themed on a book by the same name, was to be launched in an oversaturated F&B plaza in Cyberhub, Gurgaon.


They needed content that could truly shock and disrupt if they had to get by.


Blue Vector devised a two-part video series for the brand to create a robust, original brand story. The first film told the origin story of ‘The Drunken Botanist’, the titular character and the second film as a drunken-exploration follow-up video where our character actually ran around and interacted with the patrons across Cyberhub.


The films, made in the inebriated, ludicrous style of the brand, was the brand’s loud stumble into a seriously overwrought corporate bar that is Cyberhub. The series garnered around 2 Lac views in a span of a couple days and our overall campaign received 1.1L engagements points.


This fun outing for BV, and the brand, fetched us an AFAQS Foxglove Content Marketing Gold. This just so happened to be one of our first attempts at becoming an award winning creative agency

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