Tarvos is a bespoke gaming system provider which allows customers to lay down their gaming requirements and find themselves with a superior structure that resembles every supreme nerd’s wet dreams (and of most BV employees who cancel dates, appointments and events for computer combats).


Only a gamer can relate to the ‘out of the world’ feeling of stellar kill-death ratios, brimming inventories, and winning against people across continents who they’ve been cursing for hours. As gamers ourselves, and as the branding agency for this startup, we sought to create the perfect personality for Tarvos, giving it an edgy, neo-galactic vibe that hadn’t been seen before.


Our unprecedented take on Tarvos gave way to its visual identity that we created through heavy black hues with subtle white accents. As Tarvos was itself derived from the name of Saturn’s satellite, the branding borrowed from elements from the celestial cosmos. High-tech neon brightness was also thrown in for good measure.

If you’re a prospective client/partner, here’s a little read for you