Hollywood at PVR


The mammoth brand, PVR, has a multitude of segments, all catered towards the crazy Indian movie buff. And cinema is almost a religion in India. So, in order to communicate to the different sets of film worshippers, PVR has ‘Hollywood at PVR’ as one for the Hollywood movie fans.


Acting according to the set direction of PVR, we played a diverse role in creating audience-friendly content with dramatic ideation in order to attract engagement and keep people counting on us for every upcoming movie update and what all it entails. We burnt the midnight oil and let our creative juices transform into kickass campaigns and we’ve loved the audience’s response to our quirks.


And that’s not THE END. The Godfather will always have its following. So, loyalty is an inevitable factor. PVR does make offers one can’t refuse; coughs…us, rolling up our sleeves and working on emailers to keep on reminding the Privilege members and non-members alike that the services are really, really rewarding.


To conclude, it’s been quite a fun and filmy ride as their one-stop digital marketing agency.

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