Project Goodness


Project Goodness is a platform focused on helping individuals lead a life of positivity by maintaining a healthy mind-body balance. It was born out of the idea that the modern-day urban dwellers are a product of the rat race and it leaves them little time to pause and reflect about the inner workings of their individual mechanism.



This platform intends to fill the gap between our ambitious self-image and the functioning of the core self through healing sessions such as meditation practices, crystal healing, pranic healing, pet therapy, counselling sessions for maintaining well-being on the professional front and financial security amongst other. The brand provides a complete method for blissful living in all areas concerning the self-actualization of every being, even the beings that make a creative agency.


So, we designed the adaptive branding starting with the logo creation that involved a system of concentric circles representing fullness in all spheres of life. This was followed by the sturdy creation of a website which would extend services to people from all strata of life and represent an inclusive platform.

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