Developers Hines and Conscient were presenting their new project Elevate to the world. Pulled out of the elusive ether of purposeful craftsmanship, Elevate was imagined to be a genuinely ‘soulful’ project that gave residents more to offer their lives than their pride. We came into create a product AV for them that could capture this. 


After gaining a deeper understanding of the project, we at BV, with our experience in digital marketing for real estate realised the one true figures who personified the project was the Chief Architect Ricardo Bofill. He could relay all the passion that lay in the stone of the project’s walls and also the lives that these walls contained. We decided to do a heart-to-heart over the project model and cover it all on film. Our discussions with him revealed a domestic world to potential residents that a normal sales pitch can’t create over months.

If you’re a prospective client/partner, here’s a little read for you