Captain Dough


Captain Dough is a Pizza delivery chain in Chandigarh which aimed at offering a new wave of delectability to the area. The target audience comprised of the youth who craved for baked goods through the day and munchies in the wee hours of the night. Keeping the brand centered on the youth, we needed to tell a story that touched the hearts of millennials in order to forge a strong connect from the inception of the chain itself.


As a piece of the target group ourselves (and as their branding agency. Duh!)  we committed to creating something novel and cheesy – just how we’d like it. We began by creating the mascot, whose story was told through multiple social media creatives. Each element of the mascot starting from his knife tattoo to his untied laces showcased his journey around the world that led him to be the star chef that he became. The logo was designed with the same appeal and aesthetic with a strong relatability quotient.


Today, Captain Dough is a well-established brand known for its unique identity and quirky communication which has translated into a community of loyalists who have furthered the love for our mighty Captain.

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