Alphabets is an NGO focused at becoming a leading agent of social change dedicated to the education of underprivileged children.


A profound vision such as theirs required a powerful translation into a more visual narration. The main factor challenging them from reaching their objective was that of gathering funds. So, here’s where we stepped, with our logo designers and brand strategists in and devised a plan to establish a distinct voice for ‘Alphabets’. From logo creation to rebuilding the website to setting up their social media platforms and weaving an impactful brand story around it, we started from the first letter, quite literally.


Enter Gappu, the fictional character representing those millions of kids in India who are bright and imaginative but do not have access to basic education. We launched a full-fledged social media campaign with fictional stories around the character Gappu which attracted a lot of attention and was admired for its honest and insightful creative execution.


Additionally, we also designed print collaterals such as posters and pamphlets as part of Alphabets’ association with other brands for the purpose of spreading awareness about thebrand as well as offering people with the opportunity to donate for a cause.

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