BV is a lot of things, but we’re not an agency. We’re a creative collective, a social experiment, a power ballad, an overpainted canvas, an angry mob, but we’re not the translators of briefs. We like to reimagine things altogether, and show you the images that run through our heads. Funny looking blots, audible colors or whatever it is. Not to say that we’re mean, but we might be a little stubborn. And we back this all up with brains, big brains; you’d be surprised. Because we’re gunning for a different type of greatness, the one that’s self-fulfilling and un-answering to some greater motive. We do great work, for great work, not for the numbers. We’re ambitious, a little cocky, fun to be around, and generally nice(ish) people.

We’re that endearing high-performance creative house that loves your brand if your brand loves the ‘art’ of communication. We’re Blue Vector. Please take a seat.


the try-hardy boys & girls

Piyush Kedia |

Founder & CEO

Shrey Deepranjan |

Art Director

Rhiju Talukdar | 

Creative Director

Shrai Jamwal |

Director – Brand & Strategy

Alok Singh |

Associate Art Director

Yashi Paswan |

Sr. Account Manager

Kaajal Koyyana |

Sr. Account Manager

Aum Ravi | 

VP Finance & Admin

Karan Rajput


Kumari Anisha

Account Manager

Prashant Pandey


Praharsh Sharma

Lead designer

Riddhima Chatterji

Copy Writer

Barkha Mishra

Account Manager

Abhishek Sheel

Visual Artist

Mridula Panda

Visual Artist

Manvi Saini

Visual Artist

Jayanth Dawer

Visual Artist

Komal Gupta

Account Manager

Praveen Kumar

Visual Artist


Visual Artist

Rohan Paswan

Account Manager

Dhruv Nathani

Visual Artist

Vishal Singh

Visual Artist

Hitesh Kumar

Digital Marketing Manager

If you’re a prospective client/partner, here’s a little read for you