Hiring a Creative Agency for your Corporate Video? Here’s what you can do to make sure it comes out kickass

Hiring a Creative Agency for your Corporate Video? Here’s what you can do to make sure it comes out kickass

What’s the difference between a company that sells and company that sells without the customer feeling like he or she is just transacting? A touch of humanity. That’s what a corporate video should essentially be portraying for your brand. Lofty promises and sky-high untouchable values aside, a corporate video is more effective when it doesn’t seem ‘corporate’. If you peel off layer upon layer of marketing, HR, sales and brand manuals, corporates are basically just competencies held together by experience. Here are some things you can consider that can help bring these out:

  1. Think about your Raison d’etre

    When you hired that international branding company to help redo your brand to look more global you probably told them the ‘why’ behind your ‘what’ – ‘why do you exist’. Try and apply this to your video, tell audiences your real purpose (‘We’ve been good at making ball bearings and that’s all we know’) rather than something they’re probably going to see through anyway (‘To create more value for our primary stakeholders’). After you establish this, THEN get into the selling.

  2. Keep the anecdotes ready

Nobody wants to know what your VP does every day, because a company’s image is only as good as how the intern is made to feel. There’s going to be a million hidden stories in the nooks and crannies of your employee ecosystem and some of them are going to be worth sharing. So in a sense, it’s extremely important to document all the good days at the office – something at an office party might come out to illustrate the company’s values EXACTLY as you’d like them to (e.g. ‘And like a good offsite-enthused team we all got together to take turns holding Rajeev’s head back over the toilet’).

  1. Limit your ‘numbers’

    Nothing good ever came out of showing numbers on a screen for over 2 minutes, except possibly on news channels. Even the best corporate video makers would agree. But then that’s what the company spent years on years building right? So if you still really need to get those figures out, we suggest you limit them to 3 or 4 important ones.

  1. Consider the longevity of the film

    Now you’d normally think a corporate should last forever right? But what’s the point if your company’s constantly going to keep evolving? Sometimes it’s a better idea to bite the bullet and accept that it’s going to be impossible to bring your pan-Indian, VFX-fuelled dreams of the film given you have a week to get it out. That’s when you consciously turn back the longevity of the film and decide to make do with some templates and pictures to last you a couple of months.

We’re able to say all this because we’ve had some experience with Corporate films- Gulshan Homz, Sterlite Power and Elevate Residences. Ours is a creative agency, specialized in the production of high quality, well-staged videos. Whether it’s an interview-based video or something more (or less) theatrical – putting into perspective what your corporation is all about, where it’s been and where it’s going is right up our tie and suit alley.

So, there’s the cookie for you to crumble. It isn’t difficult if you just get to know yourself a little better. Happy Corporate-film making.

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