3 Tired and Tested Product Packaging Ideas that still work

3 Tired and Tested Product Packaging Ideas that still work

Product Packaging is as old as the history of commerce. The Egyptians didn’t have a roster of product packaging design companies, but they managed just fine. It’s still going to be relevant in the future, maybe even more relevant seeing how tenacious sales-first late-capitalism really is.

But the algorithms will take over our jobs in about 10 years and your company’s top illustrator or your agency, is just going to become a trainer for your in-house AI. But while the great creative singularity assembles new bits and pieces under our noses and here’s something, you can be sure, the robots will be taking over from us the future.

  1. A memorable Brand Ambassador/Mascot

    We know, we know, we can already hear your pedantic voices in the distance saying ‘An Ambassador or mascot isn’t just limited to your packaging’. But that’s the point we’re trying to make, that maybe the ambassador be an essential touchstone of the packaging itself. There’s your typical animated and maybe anthropomorphised graphic character who’s going to live out and act like your brand, like how your product branding agency intended, and maybe he/she should constantly be re-invented with the times. Think Mickey Mouse meets the Google Doodle. Also, considering how loyalty-bereft influencers and celebrities are getting with their brands, imagine getting a home-grown, imaginary celebrity everybody can believe in.
Tera Bhai, personified by Jaaved Jaaferi for Besht

  1. Focus on the little things

    The internet claims that some pizza brand provided little chairs with the little table thingy that you get in pizza boxes (Read: ‘Pizza Saver’) and it got their small-chain brand, big-chain eyeballs. That’s the exact energy we think makes your brand memorable. Beyond the graphics, vinyls and what’s ‘printed’, it’s the little branded trinkets that makes customers remember you. So, when you’re thinking of packaging, don’t necessarily think what will help you ‘package’, but what will help package a little surprise for your new patrons.

  1. Don’t overcomplicate it

    Maybe reinventing the wheel for being ‘out of the box’ isn’t always a great idea. Sure people notice things which are different, but that has not to say that different is always more useful. The truth is, the existing width of possibilities isn’t entirely milked. Colours, fonts, textures & concepts – all can still be stretched to create something memorable yet not alien. The idea is to try and redo something that’s already done, but maybe do your interpretation of it. That’s the whole reason design trends are even a thing.

Packaging companies need to rethink packaging design to prepare for changes as we move on to the next normal, but not without keeping it in touch with the rest of the world and their audiences.

With many entrepreneurs and product developers taking an active role in packaging design, there is no doubt that creative support will be needed throughout the process. Partnering with a young, energised entrant in packaging can help you push the boundaries of what is possible with new packaging designs – we’re talking about ourselves.

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